Elevate low back pain care. Unlocking value, driving efficiency, and reducing costs.

Our program enhances care quality and slashes low back pain costs by up to 1/3. We're endorsed by major payers like Excellus BCBS and BCBS of Rhode Island.

The Real Price of Spine Care

Wide Impact: LBP affects 80% of the population.

Employer Impact: LBP is the #1 cause of disability.

Cost Surge: Medicare costs increased ~20%, while spine costs soared by ~40% from 2018 to 2022...and this gap appears to be widening!

Financial Strain: It's the costliest health condition, constituting ~5% of total healthcare expenses.

Bad ‘Halo Effect’: Medicare spine patients cost 40% more annually than average Medicare patient.

Here's How We Tackle This Problem:

Engage Early Primary Care → Save Downstream Costs & Improve Care

The SCP program targets early contact providers - PCPs, DCs, and PTs, educating and engaging them virtually. It scales easily, while reducing:

Inappropriate surgeries and injections

Opioid prescriptions

Unnecessary ED utilization

Unnecessary Imaging

Provider Benefits

Providers embracing SCP witness:

  • 97% satisfaction with the SCP program
  • Enhanced efficiency in treating LBP
  • No intrusive managed care protocols
  • Higher levels of patient satisfaction
  • Improved quality scores
  • Efficient use of trained PTs and Chiropractors

Payer Advantages

Payers adopting SCP enjoy:

  • Quality and outcome improvement
  • Up to one-third reduction in spine costs
  • 70% reduction in back pain ER admits.
  • 77% fewer ER return visits
  • Long term benefits from changed provider/patient behavior and care culture.
  • Focus on patient active care, positively impacting overall health.
  • Virtual turnkey solution with easy implementation

Catalyzing Lasting Provider-Driven Change in Spine Care

Ongoing provider support is key to long term success. SCP engaging virtual (24/7) platform encourages evidence-based care protocols by offering real-time data dashboards, compelling support tools for best practice decision-making while earning CME.

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Wasteful imaging, surgery, and injections for spine pain are increasing at an alarming rate. Most organizations are not even aware of the full extent of wasteful care within their ranks. Let Spine Care Partners help you to identify the extent of the problem and provide the solutions necessary to improve quality and reduce costs. 

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About Spine Care Partners, LLC

We listened to you, we understand you, and we’ve responded.  Like you, we were frustrated by the plethora of problems in spine care. We needed an easy to implement, sustainable spine program that works.  Out of these pressures, our team of world-class spine experts crafted our Best Practices Spine Care Program that helps you bring order to the chaos of your spine care problems. Together, we work with your organization and spine care providers to create better care, better outcomes and better costs in spine care.