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Help providers deliver simpler, easier & better spine care that improves quality while reducing costs...

Employer's #1 ask, better management of spine, is not being met

  • Wide variation in care leads to waste
  • Excess imaging, opioids & surgical referrals 
  • Patients are suffering increased disability
  • Employers' #1 ask is not being met: spine costs

SAVE 12% - 35% of spine costs with implementation of the Spine Care Partners' solutions

"We are consistently seeing significant episode savings for back and neck conditions with excellent patient and provider satisfaction."

M. Lustick MD
Former CMO Excellus BCBS

Learn how Bassett Health System, New York is using the

simpler, easier, better spine care program to improve value:

Trusted by leaders in healthcare

Better care

95% of providers are highly satisfied

with our program & training

Better outcomes

Up to 35% reduction in in wasteful procedures

Better cost

12% to 35% reduction in spine costs

What can be done to reduce inappropriate MRI prescription?

The cost of spine care is rising each year, and experts report that 30% of the $200 billion spent on the management of these conditions does not lead to improved outcomes. In addition, it may lead to iatrogenic injury and harm.

Using a Using a Spine Care Partners (SCP) tool called "Do I Need A MRI?", Excellus BlueCross BlueShield in Upstate New York has implemented a simple approach to reducing unnecessary MRIs.

Our proven solution makes spine care

Simpler, Easier and Better

We engage your providers in our value enhancing best practices care program

Roll out our value-enhancing, minimally disruptive Spine Care Pathway ©, an easy to implement and comprehensive spine management program.

Member app

The BackRoad app helps members make good decisions about their spine health. Guide members along the entire back pain journey, help them learn about their condition and self-manage effectively.

Workshops & support

Deliver streamlined live or online spine triage and management workshops for PCPs, DCs and PTs plus online community and support while carefully monitoring your providers’ outcomes and feedback.

As featured in:

Trusted by leaders in healthcare

Martin Lustick, MD

Former CMO Excellus BCBS

“..consistently seeing significant episode savings”

“After multiple in-house efforts to control ever escalating spine costs, [our plan] engaged Spine Care Partners, LLC to implement their spine care pathway and platform in upstate NY. We have piloted this program in Patient Centered Medical Homes and our own version of Accountable Care Organizations across several communities. We are consistently seeing significant episode savings for back and neck conditions with excellent patient and provider satisfaction. The spine program was relatively easy to implement...”

Matthew Collins, MD, MBA

Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island

“They bring high-value solutions to the low-value situation in spine care.”

“The Spine Care Partners Spine Care Program is evidence-based and enables practitioners to follow leading guidelines. Their workshops and tools also enable practitioners to consider the whole person in patient care. And they focus on high-quality care in the early stages, rather than only intervening with invasive procedures at the end stage. They bring high-value solutions to the low-value situation in spine care.”

Robert Cole, MD

Medical Director, Lifetime Health

“improved access to care... quality ...and markedly improved the patient care experience.”

“The spine program has improved access to care, enhanced the quality of evaluation and treatment, and markedly improved the patient care experience. At the same time, its presence is reducing costs associated with high-priced specialty care and imaging while improving outcomes. It has made my work of caring for those with neck and back pain much simpler and more satisfying.”

Richard Cerceo

Former COO, Mercy Hospital

“..the “Grandslam” for improving quality and access to care.”

“After our first presentation by Spine Care Partners, I knew we had the right team to assist us with our spine and back care program. Tom Neuner and John Ventura are population health management visionaries. They have come up with an innovative program and hit the “Grand slam” for improving quality and access to care, lower cost and health improvement for our patients. Our experience with Spine Care Partners has been one of the easiest and most satisfying and productive experiences of any vendors or consultants.”

Mariah Stump


“..this should be a required CME for all primary care providers.”

“The training presented by the [Spine Care Partners] was absolutely outstanding! As primary care providers are on the front lines, our knowledge can influence downstream chronicity of pain and decrease unnecessary costs, and it is up to us to rise to the occasion of this chronic pain crisis we face. This CME helps bridge the gap and helps prepare primary care providers for our current pain management crisis by equipping us with the tools and strategies to make an integrative management plan which encourages self-care at the outset.”

How it works

1. Diagnose

We collaborate with you to identify the challenges your organization is facing in spine care.

2. Customize solutions

Based on your needs, we provide a customized solution for your organization.

3. Implement and Engage

We deliver workshops & support to primary care providers, PTs & DCs, plus a member app & more.

4. Track & refine

We work with your data & leadership teams to track actionable metrics & refine spine care delivery.

About Spine Care Partners, LLC

We listened to you, we understand you, and we’ve responded.  Like you, we were frustrated by the plethora of problems in spine care. We needed an easy to implement, sustainable spine program that works.  Out of these pressures, our team of world-class spine experts crafted our Best Practices Spine Care Program that helps you bring order to the chaos of your spine care problems. Together, we work with your organization and spine care providers to create better care, better outcomes and better costs in spine care.