Reduce wasteful surgical referrals

The cost of spine care is rising each year, and experts report that 30% of the $200 billion spent on the management of these conditions does not lead to improved outcomes. In addition, it may lead to iatrogenic injury and harm.

Using a Using a Spine Care Partners (SCP) tool called "Do I Need A MRI?", Excellus BlueCross BlueShield in Upstate New York has implemented a simple approach to reducing unnecessary MRIs. A companion tool SCP uses to change provider behavior is "Do I need a surgical referral?"

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Roll out our value-enhancing, minimally disruptive Spine Care Pathway ©, an easy to implement and comprehensive spine management program.

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The BackRoad app helps members make good decisions about their spine health. Guide members along the entire back pain journey, help them learn about their condition and self-manage effectively.

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Deliver streamlined live or online spine triage and management workshops for PCPs, DCs and PTs plus online community and support while carefully monitoring your providers’ outcomes and feedback.