Spine Care Partners is a healthcare consulting company, with guiding principles of accountability, sustainability and excellence, whose mission is to implement a spine continuum of care pathway in those organizations interested in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of spine care.

Spine Care Partners formed as a limited liability corporation in December 2010 and is located in the English Pines Professional Building at 1687 English Rd in Rochester, New York. 

The previous 2 decades have seen an exponential increase in the direct costs (MRI, X-Ray, surgery, medical care, medications, therapy, injections) of managing spine pain, currently approaching $100billion/year. Concurrently, disability and lost work time has followed a similar pattern of growth, indicating that even with the exorbitant revenue spent on managing spine pain, outcomes for the patients were worsening. 

Spine Care Partners provides an innovative and unique spine care pathway based upon a needs analysis, best available evidence, operations manual,  marketing manual, support and training.  

Spine Care Partners business model will incentivize all stakeholders in spine care market to seek out and utilize our spine care program preferentially. We will partner with healthcare organizations to access this market through innovative and sustainable healthcare solutions. Our program is based in quality driven, accountable health care processes that are understandable, transferable, transparent and cost effective. 

Our unique and innovative spine care pathways ensure the right patient reaches the right provider at the right time. Spine Care Partners add efficiencies to the spine care market, bringing high value care, quality care balanced by cost management.