Spine Care Partners is a healthcare consulting company, with guiding principles of accountability, sustainability and excellence, whose mission is to establish spine care centers in hospitals and as free standing centers for large physician organizations and employer groups.  Spine Care Partners formed as a limited liability corporation in December 2010 and is located in the English Pines Professional Building at 1687 English Rd in Rochester, New York. The four founders, Ian Paskowski, Tom Neuner, Brian Justice and John Ventura collectively have over 90 years of clinical experience in evaluating and treating spine pain. Ian Paskowski currently serves as the medical director of the spine center of Jordan Hospital in Plymouth, MA. Tom Neuner is in full time clinical practice with the Michigan Head and Spine Institute and is also a practicing attorney. Brian Justice and John Ventura were two of the first providers in the nation to achieve recognition status from the National Committee for Quality Assurance Back Pain Recognition Program and are consulting clinicians with the Unity Hospital Spine Center.

The previous 2 decades have seen an exponential increase in the direct costs (MRI, X-Ray, surgery, medical care, medications, therapy, injections) of managing spine pain, currently approaching $100billion/year. Concurrently, disability and lost work time has followed a similar pattern of growth, indicating that even with the exorbitant revenue spent on managing spine pain, outcomes for the patients were worsening. In addition, the healthcare reform mandate and employer groups, and payers are demanding that hospitals and physician groups demonstrate improved patient outcomes, improved patient satisfaction and managed costs associated with care.

Spine Care Partners provides innovative and unique spine care pathways based upon the National Committee for Quality Assurance Back Pain Recognition Program for physicians, a needs analysis, operations manual following lean six sigma process management with job descriptions, marketing manual, support, training and floor plan layout to a hospital, physician organization or employer group to implement and operate a successful spine care center.  Our market includes the 3,000 hospitals with more than 150 beds, physician organizations with more than 50 physicians and employers with more than 500 employees.  A Spine Care Partners spine center can provide up to X5 ROI to our customers within 2 years after full implementation. In addition, our customers can expect up to 90% of their patients rating their experience within the spine center as very good or excellent with up to an average of 80% reduction in pain for the typical patient.

Spine Care Partners business model will incentivize all stakeholders in spine care market to seek out and utilize our spine care program preferentially. We will partner with healthcare organizations to access this market through innovative and sustainable healthcare solutions. Our program is based in quality driven, accountable health care processes that are understandable, transferable, transparent and cost effective. Our flexible solutions establish a financially and clinically successful spine care program, based in NCQA and Lean Six Sigma, that are both successful and sustainable in today’s, and future, healthcare markets (i.e. Accountable Care Organizations, Patient Centered Medical Home). Our solutions foster partnership among hospital administration, physician groups, spine care specialists, patients and the community at large, leading to satisfaction and loyalty.

Our competition also offer models for the implementation of spine centers to hospitals and physician organizations; however, Spine Care Partners offer a system with proven accountability, sustainability and excellence. Our unique and innovative spine care pathways ensure the right patient reaches the right provider at the right time. Spine Care Partners add efficiencies to the spine care market, bringing high value care, quality care balanced by cost management.

Spine Care Partners is currently working with a consulting firm to more clearly define our business model and interview an interim CEO.