Spine Care Partners, LLC was formed in 2010 to address the challenge of managing spine care within the demands of upcoming health care reform.

Congress has charged health care with meeting 3 primary objectives:

  1. Improved clinical outcomes,
  2. Improved patient satisfaction
  3. Managed costs.

Based upon the Spine Center of Jordan Hospital in Plymouth, MA, Spine Care Partners has organized all the necessary components to replicate this model:

  • The care flow pathways
  • The community marketing strategies
  • The training and operations manual
  • The timeline and support for implementation
  • The follow up support to ensure the success of your Spine Center

Spine Care Partners provides an enlarged market share of spine care patients for our partners, with excellent clinical outcomes, high patient satisfaction and managed costs per case.

Our model includes a 'fast track' surgical clinic with prompt evaluation by a spine surgeon, and because of our proprietary care flow pathways, a high surgical yield for the spine surgeon.

Our spine center model is based upon effective and efficient use of our providers' time.